Please read this disclaimer carefully before making a purchase.

ETETOPDF is not responsible for any damages caused or failure as a result of using the files provided as a service. ETETOPDF provides a general online service that converts files from one format to another; “AS-IS” without editing, modifying or validating file content for its authenticity. ETETOPDF does not author the content of the files. These files are authored by users just like you. The files are meant to be used as a reference only. ETETOPDF does not provide or recommend any software to run ETE or PDF files.

ETETOPDF will only inform the user if and when the provided file for conversion does not convert due to whatever reason. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure they are uploading the correct file (name / version) that they need converted. ETETOPDF does not host any files on their servers. ETETOPDF is not affiliated with the respective owners of the file formats, ETE or PDF.